Eagle River Ballet offers ballet instruction in a positive environment, by professionals with lifetime careers in the ballet studio and on the stage.  Youth and adults will learn correct classical ballet technique, as well as an appreciation for the joy of movement and music.  Ballet classes will serve as an excellent complement to the regimen of skaters, gymnasts, athletes, recreational enthusiasts and adults of all ages and levels.  Since opening its doors in September 2011, Eagle River Ballet is pleased to share space with All Life is Yoga to promote healthy lifestyles in our vibrant community.

The ballet syllabus features our extensive background in proven international schools of techniques, presented in a clear and straightforward format.  This syllabus has produced thousands of talented dancers, with dozens of former students currently enjoying professional careers in the dance field.  Our goal is to help all students appreciate the discipline and athletic benefits of ballet, as well as the rewards and confidence gained from hard work and dedication.  We offer classes for children through adult in age and level-appropriate classes.  Workshops are offered during school closures and throughout the summer.  We welcome drop-in students who wish to sample our program any time.

The program year is divided into two semesters.  It is recommended to study the full year for optimal progress.  Placement of students above the beginning level is at the discretion of the instructor, in consultation with the director.

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